The Word of Abandonment

March 18, 2018

Matthew 27:45-47 | Psalm 22 | Amos 8:9 | Isaiah 53

When Jesus cried out "My God, my God why have you forsaken me" from the cross it was one of the darkest moments in human history. Jesus was utterly abandoned by his Father. And yet, because of Jesus sacrifice, was are set free. In this message we explore the abandonment Jesus experienced at the cross, why it had to happen, and why it is Good News for us.

The Word of Relationship

March 11, 2018

Matthew 12:48-50 | Luke 9:59-60 | Matthew 10:35-39 | Luke 14:26 | Matthew 19:29 | Acts 1:14

Relationships, particularly in family life, can be a source of blessing but they can also be a place of real challenge. We will all experience the pain and disappointment and brokenness of relationships at times in our lives. Jesus' relationship with his own family was far from straight forward. In this message we see that whilst Jesus loves and honours family he unashamedly calls us to put him first in our lives over and above husbands, wives, children etc... When we put Him first we discover Jesus can be trusted with our challenging and broken relationships.

The Word of Salvation

March 4, 2018

Romans 3:23-24

We continue our series looking at the final sayings of Jesus on the Cross by looking at the Word of Salvation, the incredible moment when Jesus turns to the criminal being crucified alongside him and says "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise". In this message we learn about the outrageous (in a good way!) grace of God and how Jesus' death on the cross makes a way for us to enter into eternal life.

The Word of Forgiveness

February 25, 2018

Matthew 6:14-15 | Romans 12:9-21 | 1 Peter 1:18-19

This week Luke and Ibi Evans joined us all the way from Bolton where they are part of Kings Church. Luke preached a powerful message all about forgiveness. We all deal with things in our lives which can lead us to carry unforgiveness. But nothing could be more destructive for us. When it comes to dealing with unforgiveness in our lives we first have to "see it", recognising bitterness, anger or hurt in our hearts. Then we have to "surrender it", give it over to God. Finally we have to "say it", we have to actually speak out and get help to forgive. In this message Luke takes us to the foot of the cross, the heart of forgiveness, to encounter the incredible forgiveness of Jesus which in turn empowers us to forgive others.

Philemon – Bringing God’s Kingdom Into The Real World

February 18, 2018

It was great to have Jack and Lydia Mills with us this Sunday. Jack spent a year running our Community Help Hub and now works as a teacher in Birmingham. In this powerful message Jack takes us to the short but powerful book of Philemon in the Bible to teach us all about how to resolve conflict, have healthy relationships with others, and walk in forgiveness. This stuff is so foundational to who we are and how we are called to live as followers of Jesus. Ultimately our ability to live in this way stands or falls on us immersing ourselves in the gospel story. In particular Jack finishes with a stirring challenge for us to practice thankfulness. Listen and be changed!

Vision Presentation: Jesus Says Go!

February 11, 2018

Matthew 4:19 | Acts 1:8

Hope Church has a big vision - to see lives transformed by Jesus in Bedlington and beyond. In this special vision presentation James shares with us who we are and where we're going as a church. Jesus is calling us to go. To go to the people he has placed around us and share the Good News about Jesus with them. To lives transformed by Jesus. The task can feel overwhelming at times but Jesus wants us to be filled with his Holy Spirit, knowing his authority and presence, as we go and change the world for Him!

The Last Supper

February 4, 2018

In this message David Lyall, part of the leadership team at City Church Newcastle, helps us understand that the true significance of communion, sharing bread and wine together as Jesus commanded us to do. It's so much deeper and richer than a mere religious ritual. As we share in communion with one another we discover the love and sacrifice of Jesus for us, we look forward to our glorious future in Him and so much more besides!

Built on the Bible

January 28, 2018

Luke 1:1-4 | 1 Corinthians 15:1-8

In this message Andy Bramhall, part of the leadership team at City Church Newcastle, helps us understand that the Bible is trustworthy and that we can build our whole lives upon it. Not only is the Bible trustworthy historically and culturally, it is also a place where we encounter Jesus and our lives are changed.

CAP and Community Sunday

January 21, 2018

Romans 5: 6-8 | Psalm 127:1

This is our annual CAP and Community Sunday when we focus on our 3 community initiatives: our Debt Help Centre run in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), the Community Help Hub, and the Youth Hub (youth club). We hear short summaries from the leader of each initiative, and thank God for all that we. through is grace, have been able to achieve. We remember that we do these things as an expression of the overwhelming generosity Jesus has shown to us in reaching out and saving us from our own debt of sin even when we were completely unable to help ourselves.


The money the Church spends in running our CAP Debt Help Centre is only about one third of the total cost, the rest comes from CAP itself who like us, are a charity and dependant on support from voluntary donations. For those not currently in unmanageable debt themselves, whilst financially supporting your local Church should always be your first priority, we encouraging anyone who is able to become a CAP “Life Changer” by pledging a monthly contribution to CAP, even £5 a month would make a real difference.


And for anyone who don’t feel or understand that God has been so overwhelmingly generous to them, or know for certain that their own debt of sin to God has been written off, there is an invitation to talk to someone afterwards so that the work of Jesus Christ in saving us from the consequence of sin can be explained more clearly, allowing you to receive him as your Saviour and go home knowing that you are reconciled with God.

The Second Coming of Jesus

January 14, 2018

1 Thessalonians 5 | Matthew 24 | Revelation 22:7

After taking a humorous look at Former US Secretary of State for Defence famous quote on “known unknowns”, the talk goes on to discuss the 2nd coming of Jesus in the 3 categories of things we definitely know, things we are certain we don’t know, and things where Christians disagree as to what Bible passages mean.

The focus is to affirm what we definitely do know, rather than to wade into the controversies of the areas where different Christian groups take a different view, though we look at 3 issues to do with how Bible passages are interpreted which give rise to most of the differences of opinion.

In terms of how Jesus will come, we note that throughout the Old Testament, clouds are normally associated with the glory and presence of God. Whenever God appears, or moves, there is a cloud. When Jesus said he would come with the clouds he meant he would come in glory. This is quite different to how he came the first time, as a human baby, with only a few people knowing – and even them not really understanding what was going on. By contrast, at his 2nd coming, every eye will see him. every knee will bow. There will be no doubt as to his coming.

The issue of where Jesus will return first is also hotly debated and indeed gives rise to political tension in the Middle East. But the talk concludes that Jesus will come, and indeed is coming, firstly to his Church. The first place for his kingdom to be established is in our hearts. Events in the world will get worse and worse, but we children of light are not to be discouraged or give in to fear or panic. Whilst things are getting worse and worse the Church will simultaneously get stronger and stronger as it increasingly reflects the glory and radiance of Christ, and rises up to fulfil its apostolic mission of establishing Christian followers living and demonstrating the kingdom of God in every people group on earth. “The gospel will go out to all the nations – and then the end will come”.