October 14, 2018


Passage: Mark 16:15-18
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Acts 14:3 | John 14:12 | Malachi 3:10 | Hebrews 11:13 | Matthew 25:12

In this talk we see that the Bible tells us that miracles are to be expected as part of the normal Christian life for those that believe, and that Jesus told his followers they would do greater things than he himself did. We note that miracles bring God’s presence into a situation in a powerful and dramatic way and publicly proclaim that God is with us, thus able to break through situations where people are not inclined to listen to or understand the gospel message. We look at 5 reasons why we might not be seeing miracles in our everyday lives and consider what we might do in each instance, finishing with the proposal that we put God to the test, as he himself suggested in Malachi Chapter 3, to see if he will not open the windows of heaven and pour out his overwhelming blessing on us.

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