Reflections on Good Friday

April 14, 2019

Reflections on Good Friday

Passage: Matthew 26:14-30, John 13:18-30, Hebrews 2:10-15
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John 6:70 | Psalm 41:9 | Jude 24 | John 10:8 | John 3:16

This talk looks at 3 questions. Firstly, by considering when Jesus first knew or realised that Judas would betray him, we take a deeper look at the humanity of Jesus, realising that whilst fully God, he also knew, as a human, the deep hurt and pain of being betrayed by a close friend. Secondly, in considering why was it even necessary for Jesus to die, by reminding ourselves that God is not beholden to any higher law or authority, we realise that in addition to the basic reasons of dying to take the punishment that otherwise would be ours (which will always be the key theme of the Bible), Jesus was also willing to lead humanity through the experience of death to release us through any fear or hold death might otherwise have over us. And finally, by looking at who was responsible for killing Jesus, we remind ourselves that no-one took Jesus’s life from him, he laid it down voluntarily, totally of his own accord.

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