The Mender of Broken Lives

January 6, 2019

The Mender of Broken Lives

Passage: Luke 4:18
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John 3: 16-17 | Romans 3:23 | John 1:12 | Matthew 10:8 | Matthew 10:16

This talk considers that Jesus loves to mend broken lives. Some people can be very aware their lives are in a mess, whereas with other people appear to be getting along fine with everything ok. There can be a danger of thinking that because we are reasonably decent people with everything going fine, we don’t need to be mended in quite the same way as those with very obvious problems. But the Bible is clear: we have all sinned – for every single one of us our relationship with God is broken. Children always love getting involved in what their Dad’s doing, and we, as Children of God, should long to be caught up with him as he fixes broken lives and restores people to how they were first created to be. If we don’t then maybe it’s because we don’t have that deep awareness that we are children and he is our Dad, or the deep love and unconditional acceptance that he has so freely showered on us. The talk finished by inviting people to acknowledge if their own lives were broken and they needed Jesus to mend them, if they needed to repent of deeply held attitudes leaving them not that keen on helping people who demonstrated very obvious issues, and by making a positive commitment both personally and as a Church to be totally committed to being involved with people whose lives might be very different to ours or dysfunctional.

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