What is a Christian?

There are no single set form of word that describe a Christian. Many Christians and Christian Churches express the basic beliefs in different ways and styles, but essentially a Christian is someone who...
  • A Christian believes God exists, and is the ultimate supreme being, a righteous and just judge, perfect in every way and loves every one of us
  • A Christian believes we are created in God’s image but have rebelled against God. Because of that we are separated from him, unable to truly find him or live at peace with him, and not able to do anything about the situation ourselves.
  • A Christian believes Jesus is God’s Son and that Jesus took the incredible step of becoming a man; being born as a baby, growing up and living as an adult, but never once doing anything wrong, but allowing himself to be killed so that through his death, he took the punishment that would otherwise be ours and in doing so, is now able to forgive us and restore us to a position of peace with God, and
  • A Christian has trusted in Jesus and asked him to forgive me for all the things they have done wrong and a to bring them into a relationship with God and to cause things such as love, kindness and tolerance of others start to take root in their life.

If you believe the above, you really do need to be meeting with other Christians and working out your faith in the context of a local Church. If you are living in Northumberland and not already part of another Church, why not come and visit us and see if Hope Church is right for you? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it before, but seeing it written down has made you realise you have never put your trust in Jesus, but you would like to do so right now.

If you wish you could pray a simple prayer like the one below. If you mean what you say, you can be certain that God will hear you.

Dear Jesus. I believe in God and that you are his son. I believe you took my place when you allowed yourself to be killed. Please forgive me now for all the things I’ve done wrong, and bring me into a relationship with God. Help me to forgive other people who have done things wrong to me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, renew my mind and help me to live in a way that pleases you. Thank you for dying for me. I receive your forgiveness now.

If you have sincerely prayed this prayer we urge you to contact us