Vision & Values

Hope Church has a clear vision. This is the reason we exist, our God-given mission and what gets us out of bed in the morning! We also have 9 values. These are the things that shape and define who we are as a community of people.

Our Vision is Simple:

Hope Church exists to see lives transformed by Jesus in Bedlington and Beyond


Our Values

We Are All About Jesus

We exist to enjoy and glorify Jesus. We will never stop putting him first. Ultimately the only thing we have to offer the world is Jesus – nothing more and nothing less.

We Are Always Looking Out

We think about those not yet part of us and do everything we can to reach them. We lay down our own preferences and priorities to reach the lost.

We Are Committed to Our Community

We love and serve Bedlington (in particular at the moment through CAP, the Hub, Youth Hub). We have a particular heart for the broken and the poor. Whilst specific ministries might change our heart for our community will not.

We Are Expecting and Embracing Mess!

We are going to reach people who are messy. That involves sacrifice, challenge and even disappointment. There aren’t always neat solutions or answers. We embrace it and are committed to staying united together in the mess!

We Are Built on the Word of God

We are a people who read, study and centre our lives on the Bible, individually and corporately.

We Are A Spirit-Filled Church

We want to go on being filled with the Spirit. We want to see miracles, healing, spiritual gifts and to enjoy the tangible presence of God. We will raise our expectation levels in this area

We Are Family

We are not just a group of people on a mission together. We are family. We love one another, care for one another, forgive one another, show grace to one another, encourage one another.

We Are Contributors Not Consumers

Our mind-set is about what we can give not what we can get. We show up, we serve, we give financially, we pray. The extent we can do this will differ from person to person but it’s about an attitude and a heart to serve and not be served.

We Are Believing That Greater Things Are Still To Come

We have great hope and faith for the future. We are believing God for revival in Bedlington and beyond. One day we believe we will see other churches raised up across Northumberland to see lives transformed by Jesus.



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